Sunday, October 01, 2006

11 FREE Ways How To Explode Your Website Traffic Hit Counter

Every website needs traffic because without traffic it's
impossible to sell anything. Here are 11 simple ways how you can
get your website hit counter explode.

1) Start an affiliate program. It's the #1 way how to get high
quality traffic to your website. Almost every successful online
business has an affiliate program.

2) Build an opt in list. This is the most important factor of
any internet business. With an opt in list you can get massive
high-quality traffic to any website instantly. Every successful
internet marketer has an opt in list. Learn how to build a
massive opt in list by sending a blank email to

3) Use a tool such as Traffic Equalizer. This tool instantly
creates thousands of search engine friendly pages for your
website. Each page is targeted for one keyphrase and gets
traffic from search engines. Get the tool at

4) Write articles and submit them to article directories and
ezine publishers. Collect a list of ezine publishers and submit
your articles to them. Also submit your articles to article

5) Exchange links with other websites. Exchanging links with
hundreds of other websites can bring heavy traffic to your
website. You can exchange links very fast using ARELIS link
exchange tool at

6) Create a brandable viral ebook that promotes your website.
Give this ebook to marketers with large opt in lists. Let them
customize it with their affiliate links that point to your
website and give it away to their subscribers for free. This
will bring steady, non stop traffic to your website.

7) Submit your website to directories and other websites that
accept submissions. You can find such websites by visiting
search engine such as Google, and searching for "add url" "your
keywords", "add site" "your keywords", "your keywords"
"directory". There are hundreds of other variations you can
search for.

8) Post at forums. Participate in forum discussions and leave a
link to your website in your signature line. Make the title of
the link catchy by stating a benefit to get more people click on

9) Go to and learn about website traffic
and opt in list building methods that work today. Visit the
website and use your first name and email to subscribe to the
course that it offers.

10) Make your website viral. In your website offer content that
literally forces your visitors to tell their friends about your
website. Add "tell-a-friend" functionality to your website. An
excellent example of viral website is
This website gets tons of viral traffic.

11) Write testimonials. Write testimonials for products that you
like and that you have used. If you're lucky, your testimonial
can be on the product sales page that has hundreds of visitors
every day. That would mean your website link in testimonial
clicked many times.

Use these methods and watch your website traffic stats literally


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