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3 Sources of Content All Affiliates Should Use...

As an affiliate, it's critical that you have a website.
"Having" a website is not always the hardest part � the
hardest part is that your website needs to get traffic! So,
how do you get traffic?

There is absolutely no question that the best form of
traffic is search engine traffic. Search engines can
deliver highly targeted traffic that is absolutely free.

The catch?

Well, how do you get search engines to give you traffic in
the first place? How do you convince a robotic spider that
your website deserves their attention?

One word: Content

Search engines have one primary goal: To serve their
visitors with quality content targeted to what their
visitor is looking for. A search engine is going to do
anything in their power to rank websites based on what
think is relevant.

So, in the end, your real job is to find a way to convince
the search engines that your website is better suited for a
topic than another website � in other words � you need to
better optimize your website for a given keyword that
another website.

All in all this means that your website needs content. Day
by day the �amount� of content your website needs is
increasing. As more websites compete, the search engines
are looking for more and more content on your website.

Search engines are giving more credibility, hence traffic,
to larger websites with more updated content. They figure
that if a website has lots of pages that are constantly
updated, it is a more credible website. So, now how does
the little guy, an affiliate, compete and keep their
website on the top?

3 Sources of Fast and Credible Content

1. Article Directories

Many argue that article directories are bad places to get
articles from because of the �duplicate content� penalty
that search engines may throw at you. However, what they do
not realize is that search engines penalize duplicated
PAGES, not content � there is a difference.

This means that search engines are looking for duplicate
HTML rather than duplicate articles. It is common sense
that certain articles and press releases may be placed on
multiple places on the internet � this has been happening
since the beginning of the internet.

However, if HTML is duplicated, then the search engines
know that someone is trying to trick them.

Feel free to grab articles from directories, just make sure
that you are plugging these articles into your own unique
HTML files � create your own custom templates.

2. Blogs

Blogs have become extremely powerful lately � search
engines are devouring them. Why? Well blogs are short for
�web log� � an internet based journal. Just the title
automatically indicates that the blog will be consistently

Blogs are also very clean and simple HTML with easy to
follow navigation for search engines. If you have not yet,
it is a wise decision to launch a blog on your own website.

3. Product Reviews/Information

Many affiliates who sell physical products or have websites
that sell hundreds or thousands of websites argue that they
cannot possibly write articles to promote all the products.

So, how do you have meaningful pages of �content� if you
sell lots of products and writing articles is too difficult?

Write product reviews or copy/paste information on that

If you ever search for an electronic item in the search
engines, you�ll find that the top ranking sites are not
always articles but are typically just websites that sell
that product. Some of them have �reviews� of the product
and others just have copied and pasted information from the

So, a fast way to get content is to simply �borrow�
technical specs and reviews on the product. But remember,
put these into your own template (since it is repeated

There you have it � 3 sources for fast content to help you
fill your website with many pages that search engines can
index and then refer traffic to.

This article is written by Anik Singal, founder of The
Affiliate Classroom. Anik Singal has developed his own
affiliate system that helped him earn well over $10,466 in
just 60 days. Now, he's looking for a few students to
train one step at a time.

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