Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Pay Per Click Mistakes Of A New Marketer

My first real foray into Internet Marketing was a Pay Per
Click ad campaign. I really had no idea what I was getting
myself into and the results were predictable. I soon had a
mountain of debt with little in the way of results to show
for it.

It wasn't the Pay Per Click company's fault. They
basically did what they promised to do. They got people to
my website. The blame was all mine. I had made a couple
of serious mistakes during the planning of my campaign. I
will share those mistakes so that you can avoid making
those same errors yourself.

My first, and probably biggest, mistake was not "looking
before I leaped". I did not take the time that I should
have in researching Pay Per Click and learning just how
much it could potentially cost. As a result, I was
completely caught by surprise by how quickly my credit card
was being charged over and over again. Take the time to do
the proper amount of research before beginning a Pay Per
Click campaign or any other business or advertising
opportunity. You should always be aware of the cost or
risks of any program before you invest money or time on it.

I made another major mistake when I did not set a daily
budget for my campaign. That was a direct result of my
ignorance about how much Pay Per Click could actually cost.
I did learn an extremely valuable lesson though. Always
set a budget. Determine beforehand exactly how much you
can afford to spend per week or per month. Be disciplined
and stick to it. You should always try to avoid going into
debt unless it is absolutely necessary.

The final mistake that I regret was waiting too long to
pull the plug on the campaign. I suppose that stubbornness
set in and I just did not want to admit defeat. However,
admitting defeat is sometimes not so bad. If you sense
that an opportunity is not working out, then cut your
losses. No purpose whatsoever is served by throwing more
good money after the bad. Always know "when to say when".

Learn from my mistakes. Always do your research before
pursuing Pay Per Click or any other new opportunity. Be
sure to set a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it.
And, finally, if an opportunity is not working out, then
don't give in to stubbornness. Cut your losses right away.

Copyright 2005 Ronald Gibson


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